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Sign from the Porter Square Theatre

The building housing the Moontower recording studio in Cambridge, where we've now recorded both Chicken Heart and the first Red Shift mission, was a movie theater in a former life. If you're familiar on Mass. Ave near Porter, the building is the long white one across from the Episcopal Church on the corner of Mass Ave and Beech Street; it's the one with the Aikido school on the left and the Yoga studio on the right. Somewhere in the 1940s the Porter Square Theater closed down, and its interior was gutted and converted into office and commercial space. (In fact if you look at the entrance to the Aikido school on the far left sometime, you'll notice what looks suspiciously like a theater entrance complete with little windows for movie posters.) Moontower's on the second floor, near where the balcony and projectionist's booth used to be.

At any rate, one of the artifacts found by the studio engineers was this beautiful hand-painted promotional sign advertising a radio giveaway. I thought it highly appropriate, considering we were in there recording radio drama and all. The sign is on display in a very distinguished location (a very special isolation booth, let us say.) There's no sign of the radio, though.

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