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bits and pieces: I am on the road crew. This is my sign.

000. You know, when I read the news about Karl Rove resigning and putting a down payment on a nice little bungalow in Paraguay, the only thing I could think was Gosh, if only Merv Griffin were around to see this.

001. The CNN's movie reviewies blurb on their front page this morning called Stardust a "Shrek for grownups." Before reading the review I couldn't tell if they were praising or condemning the film, so I didn't continue reading. I like to keep some things in a quantum state of existence and non-existence. Gives a fellow a feeling of control over some minute part of the universe.

010. I was showing off Psychonauts last night to one who enjoys IF muchly (and who doesn't deserve a chance to become a Tim Schafer fan?) and started it from the beginning. I forgot how much fun it is to just wander around the summer camp at the start, listening to the different conversations and such. The dialog alone is worth wasting time for, even if you've got Game Objectives to complete and such. And when that happens -- when the objectives take a back seat to just exploring and taking in the environment every now and then, well, you've got yourself a darn good game there. But now I have to keep playing now so I can show off the Milkman Conspiracy level.

011. Huh. Just noticed the "Avenue Q" logo for the national tour doesn't have the "Q" in the orange circle a la the NYC subway (routes are marked with easy-to-read letters in brightly colored circles.) Additionally, the orange circle isn't fuzzy either (here's the logo as we see it in other lands, just for comparison.) While the original logo was definitely created to take advantage of that particular New Yorkism, I'd have thought it was stylized enough to work without the context. But perhaps someone had a narrower view of the thing ("nobody will know it's supposed to look like the subway signs!") and, in doing so, created a logo that, well, limply flops along. C'mon, folks. Even the Warriors video game used the subway motif as a, well, motif.

100. Speaking of New York, I eagerly await my chance to see the Brooklyn Cyclones thrash the Hudson Valley Renegades this Friday evening. They've got the best record in the entire New York-Penn league so far (and Hudson, well, Hudson's kind of low on the stats) so hurrah for the red, blue and white! I regret I will not be in attendance for Medieval Times night the week after ("there were no ground rule doubles in medieval times; there are no ground rule doubles at Medieval Times. That's a home run.") But that's all right, as I am just happy to be able to spend what looks like it'll be an absolutely beautiful day at Coney Island and then catch a ballgame at night with David and whoever else is on this minor league ballgame train. I'm also especially looking forward to taking as many pictures as I can of the fading Astroland. Even with Thor Equities' latest announcement that "o hay guys I guess you don't really want condos all up in this piece" I can't help but fear that somehow they're going to remove or water down what those of us who love Coney Island still hold dear. You can't do that to Coney Island. You can't gentrify Coney much like you can't gentrify East Somervil-- oops, too late.

101. Am still torn between grabbing sixty buck balcony seats to a Saturday matinee of Curtains and saying that's that, now I can enjoy a leisurely Saturday morning sleeping in and then toddling down to Washington Square and eating peanut butter and bacon for breakfast, or if I should just get up early, have some donuts and coffee, and hang around tkts ... I think the former is totally winning. The work bonus this quarter was nice to me, so I am splurging on my trip down by taking the Acela into town, but taking the $15 Greyhound bus back. No, there will be no more Fung Wah on this spatchel's list.

110. By the way, if you ever book a room at the Chelsea, I seriously advise against asking for the Leonard Cohen Suite. Just sayin is all.
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