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I had not played STAR WARS: I AM A WIZARD for a while so I logged in for the first time in a week or two.
First I had to pay a lot of maintenance on structures and some of my stuff was gone. Oops.

Then I went hunting. Mr. Happy Surface Marshall died real quick and that was nice.

But wait! What's this in my inventory?

Why, it's a Sith Holocron! These little critters tell you what inane profession you must master, dropping whatever else you wanted to work on, in order to advance your path towards a Force-Sensitive Character Slot and a Jedi character.

Well, well, well, let's just fire this puppy up and see what it sa

only one of the toughest crafting grinds in the game.

o rly

So I don't think I'm gonna be a Jedi. ("Dad, I don't think I'm gonna do Hamster Style anymore.")
To drown my sorrows in hilarity, here is a picture of someone who thinks he's Aquaman.

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