It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

And there's hamburger all over the highway in Mystic, Connecticut

The section of A Street by our office building has a NO PARKING ANY TIME restriction on it. Even so, every day the street is filled with parked cars who don't want to pay the $10 a day for parking in the legal lot. So periodically the city decides hey, let's make 'em wish they'd paid $10 today instead of what they're going to pay now.

For the past ten or fifteen minutes now, we've been watching a whole damn fleet of tow trucks -- there must have been six or seven, a few flatbeds, all from the same company -- picking up an entire street of cars and hauling them off, getting Real Paid in the process. Nobody's come running out yet in protest, but I'm betting that come 5:00, there's gonna be some people outside really bummed (which is what you are when you go out to your car and it's been towed.)

However, all of us are S-M-R-T and either A. don't own a car or B. park legally, so the Tow Truck Show is the best show running today. Most fun is the running commentary. "He's going for the Audi, watch out, there goes the Audi!" A flatbed hauled the Audi up, then used its T bar for the minivan behind it. "Two for the price of one!" we cheered. There really is something quite fascinating about watching an entire cadre of tow trucks working in parallel, especially when it's not your car that's involved.

I am also reasonably sure that the fact that today is a disgusting, rainy drizzly day was a special factor in the decision to do it today. Aw, sweet schadenfreude. And now we invite you to shift on your sanitary pedestals and join us in this hymn, per order of PD:
Toad Away, Toad Away
Toad Away, Toad Away
Where do you go
When you're Toad Away?
(often the answer is "you go... back to the shadows again...")
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