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June 10th, 2007

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09:45 am - The Secret of Kendall
Ever seen the secret on the Kendall T platform?

The Crazy Kendall Mural

The light in these pics may be a bit wonky, but hey. The Kendall/MIT subway station has several interesting murals along its walls, as well as mechanical devices that allow you to make funky sounds while you wait for the train (well, when the devices are working, that is.) One of the longer murals you can view is a year-by-year history of MIT, done up like the Periodic Table of the Elements. Kinda neat.

The other murals in the station are high-contrast photo murals showing the kinds of scientific stuff people can do at MIT. Or, rather, there are high-contrast photo murals showing the kinds of scientific stuff people were doing in MIT during the early 1980s, which was when this station was renovated, redesigned and redecorated. Take, for example, this mural.

Kendall Mural

Why, this one shows a bunch of students on the right intently studying the rib section of a skeleton. Interesting, okay, but what's that behind the fellow in the back?



And now, much like how those who know the existence of the FedEx Arrow can never look at the logo the same way again, you will always see the skull when you ride into Kendall Station. The mural is at the very far end of the outbound platform and, quite possibly, on the other side of the station at the very far end of the inbound platform too, but I don't know. I just know outbound.


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Date:June 10th, 2007 03:03 pm (UTC)
Good lord.
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Date:June 10th, 2007 05:47 pm (UTC)
Wait a tic. Hidden?
I've never not seen that skull- I figured this was some wack charming collage or that the bio lab has massive skull murals(who can think in the morning before your Metro su doku's done?).
Or that the dropped-in geekset was actually examining something much more technically interesting, and the artist was just maybe a hippie pirate collage-ist with a fetish...right?
[User Picture]
Date:June 10th, 2007 06:52 pm (UTC)

two fingers on the side of the nose, tapped very slightly

Those who know, know.
You won't find it in any guidebooks.
It's a lovely piece of collage. I like how the eye socket is just about the same size as the students' heads so that if you don't look close enough, your brain would pass right by like so many Red Line trains.
[User Picture]
Date:June 10th, 2007 08:46 pm (UTC)
My friend Jenny is working for an eBay selling place now and they just sold a human skull medical specimin. It went for over $400. We're trying to figure out if it went to a student or a 17 year old goth.
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Date:June 11th, 2007 04:51 am (UTC)
I've never seen this in person, so I don't know if the photography is skewing my attention or what, but all I saw in the first two images was the skull... so when you said "coolest hidden skull" I was looking for like, a tiny skull hidden in some other part of the image or something.

Is that skull really not like the most noticeable part of the mural in person like it is in the photographs??
Date:June 11th, 2007 12:28 pm (UTC)

FedEx arrow?

Great find! Your post also piqued my interest with its mention of a FedEx arrow too. Is that also at Kendall Station? You've got me on the edge of my seat here, I'm going to be scouring the T for this phatnom arrow!
[User Picture]
Date:June 11th, 2007 02:45 pm (UTC)

Re: FedEx arrow?

You don't have to go to Kendall to find the FedEx arrow; it's right in the FedEx logo. Look between the E and the x. You'll never be able to see the logo the same way again.

[User Picture]
Date:June 12th, 2007 01:57 am (UTC)

Re: FedEx arrow?

AAAAH! Holy crap, arrow!
[User Picture]
Date:June 11th, 2007 02:47 pm (UTC)
You had the benefit of actually taking the time to look at the mural. As this is at the end of one station platform, most folks just see it as their train goes by. And the eye socket really does look like a head in the group if you whiz by the picture all quick-like. But have your train stop in Kendall for any length of time and stare at whatever station decoration is right outside your window, and -- HOLY CRAP IT'S A SKULL
Date:June 11th, 2007 01:22 pm (UTC)
The FedEx what? — *looks* — augh, dammit!

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