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Someone finally unlocked their Force-Sensitive Character Slot over on Star Wars: Galaxies. According to the article over at Allakhazam's the lucky Golden Ticket holder was a rebel named Monika T'Sarn, who immediately used her Force-Sensitive Character Slot to make a Jedi named Akinom. The announcement was made over all servers in the form of the system message above (yay, I was there when it happened! Just... in another server!) and Kevin O'Hara posted on the official board with a wonderful thread title: "No, there is another..."

So the long-awaited feature to play a second character on your server as a Jedi has shown up -- and, by mighty coincidence, the latest patch just happened to put in a few last Jedi item schematics and whatnot. And, by mightier coincidence, this latest development just happened to occur not only at the start of the Christmas shopping season, but the exact same week that Final Fantasy XIXIEIA Online goes live! WOW! It's like an "incredibly shocking plot twist you must SEE to believe" on Survivor, or something!

The development team have said all along that the path to unlocking your Force-Sensitive Character Slot (and every player has the potential to do so, theoretically) lies in a random set of events decided for you in secret when you create your first character. When they introduced a special item called a "holocron" a while back that sort of worked like a Magic 8-Ball, informing you what step you needed to take next to further your "quest towards absolute power", the first steps needed to be taken boiled down to mastering three random professions. As many players had already planned their characters out or figured what they'd be best at, and then spent their skill points accordingly, this meant that a lot of people had to give up their favored profession and try something new. A smart move on the part of the dev team, whose official stance on the game is "YOU CAN'T SAY THERE'S NOTHING LEFT TO DO UNLESS YOU'VE DONE EVERY PROFESSION, KILLED EVERY NPC, DONE EVERY MISSION, EATEN EVERY BOFA TREAT..." It's this kind of magical logic that keeps them from having to tend to the bothersome task of adding more in-game content (Tatooine is really the only planet that's been fleshed out in great detail; Yavin and Lok sometimes don't even have many dynamic spawns) and by some strange stroke of luck it's actually been working, as everybody's been going ape recently trying to find holocrons and divine what exactly they have to do next in order to eventually get a Jedi named Ganksu Pwned.

Just for the record, I've done approximately 300K credits' worth of Surface Marshall missions on Dantooine. Each mission is worth 8K on its own and will usually spawn at least one Surface Marshall, a character who has the potential to drop a Holocron. I've killed almost 40 of these bastards so far and not one friggin' holocron has dropped. Not that I'm really bitter here, because you can do two missions at the same time and 16K per run are mighty fine wages for my middle-class Pistoleer. But I would like to see at least one holocron up-close and know that I'm looking at it because I earned the damn thing. And then it'll tell me I have to master some profession I really don't want to try, like Squad Leader because I hate groups, and then I'll go "Okay! No Jedi for me on this server" and go back to earning money and shooting things and playing Pokemon Rancher with graul maulers, bloodseeker mites and my mountain squill named Grandmaw.

I do have to say congratulations are in order to an actual grown-up-type player grabbing the first FSCS, so we don't have to endure ages of "LOL PWNED FRIST JEDI I ROOL!@!" from some kiddie hanging around Anchorhead who immediately gets insta-killed by all his l33td00d friends the minute he tries out a Force power. (Although more powerful than the average player, if a Jedi uses a special Force ability -- any ability -- they are open to attack by any player for a brief amount of time. And if a Jedi dies, they lose all their skills learned so far and have to start again from scratch. It's pretty much like permadeath only you get to keep your name.)

And as for my reaction to the announcement as it happened, I think it can best be summed up by this shot of an eerily-familiar landmark on Tatooine.

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