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It's just this little chromium switch, here...

Two somewhat recent articles on the state of Coney Island

The Short Form Human Interest Article, courtesy Kings Courier: "Coney Island is like my grandmother. I know she's going to be dead someday, so every day that she's alive is great."

The Long Form Well-Researched Listing Of Joe Sitt and Thor Equities' Shenanigans And Broken Promises Article, courtesy the Village Voice and Neil deMause: "Joe Sitt ... has taken a page from the Fred Trump playbook: If you don't let me have my way, I'm going to tear everything down, and you'll have a vacant lot."

Neil was one of the first people I knew who really began to write about preservationism of Americana in a big way; he inspired me several times over with IF games, stories of shady developers and just plain conversatin'. I'm glad to see him in on the Coney Island angle for the Voice.

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