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The Smoking Gun already has some of the Virginia Tech shooter's writing, a play called "Richard McBeef", up for perusal. I shouldn't be surprised at how quickly it has appeared, given the power of the Internet and its ability to quickly disseminate information as it happens, but still, I am.

The play is horrible. I mean, not just in its twisted subject matter involving something to do with pedophile stepfathers, chainsaws, and fights galore, but it is horribly written. It's a mess, a mess in every sense of the word, from its dialogue to staging to story to everything. Sure, you can tell the guy was just pouring out rage after rage in each obscenity-filled monologue, but it's so unfocused. And the inanely graphic content isn't cringe-inducing; the inane writing itself is. And the other play currently making the rounds, "Mr. Brownstone", is even worse. Just angry nonsense which, rightfully, prompted his English professor to refer him to counseling. Apparently he didn't go.

But that's all I have the heart to say about em. I mean, the play would be prime fodder for incredibly great snark. If we'd just come across this on the Internet, and it was written by Joe Nobody who hadn't committed any violent deeds, we'd be having a field day with it, laughing like mad and making hilarious catchphrases out of the dialogue like "Eat this, you giant tree trunk piece of ass!"

But this came from a boy who was responsible for 33 brutal, needless deaths. Kinda hard to laugh at him now.

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