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It's just this little chromium switch, here...

a strikingly decent use for the marquee tag for once

The scrolling LED sign by the fare gates at South Station used to helpfully tell you the time, which was useful when you were coming up the escalator from the platforms below and your cellphone doesn't like telling you the time if it can't get a signal ("Hey, if I can't get my signal, you ain't getting your time.") However, since Thursday (at least) it has been replaced with a scrolling message, which I shall attempt to reproduce verbatim below:

<--- Silver Line boards donwstairs

"Did you know that sign's got a spelling error on it?" I asked one of the gate attendants on Thursday. She took a look, read the sign as it scrolled by, and snorted.

"Figures," she said.

We're all in this together.

Hey, have some pictures from this weekend and last:

Longfellow Bridge TowerCold March in Boston
Snow and statuary and some kind of metal thing I don't know what

New England Telephone & Telegraph Als Barber Shop Ground-level cornice
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