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It's just this little chromium switch, here...

Don't let them turn it BACKWARDS... FORWARDS... or UpSiDe DoWn

I forgot to send this one over the tubes last weekend but altoidsaddict brings us this lovely piece of American ephemera: A drive-in intermission message denouncing Daylight Saving Time. I especially like the "Follow the sun" bit, which almost veers into Polyphonic Spree territory for a moment there.

At first this may seem like a real non-sequitur. I mean, who would have it in for DST so bad they'd make an announcement (albeit one with a catchy tune) like this? Indiana residents? Well, okay, but the answer is much more simple when you think about it: Drive-In operators themselves.

Daylight Saving Time pushes the clocks forward during the spring and summer months, so the sun goes down later. Seeing as how you can't watch a drive-in movie until the sun's fully set, the drive-ins -- still firmly attached to the belief that they provide quality family entertainment, not just for a place for hormonal teenagers without GPS units to try for a ground-rule double -- must start their movies later. Kids have to be in bed early and teenagers have curfews and all that rot, so it's easy to see how drive-ins would consider DST a severe blow to their income. Besides, a double feature ending at 10:00 feels a lot earlier than one ending at 11:00.

Don't you agree?

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