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[City of Heroes] back in good guy mode

(for those just joining us, I often play City of Heroes/Villains and enjoy writing about whatever hero or villain I've concocted. From Sergeant Peppermint to The Spammer, Bowery Bill to The Mildly Peeved Scotsman, it's all fun.)

After spending way too much time recently on the Villains side of City Of Whatevers, I decided to give The Spammer and Schadenfreude, both now in their 30s, a much-needed vacation. I headed on back to the hero side to see what fun I could have. I had a recent hero kicking around; I believe I posted about him back in November but didn't do anything with him except keep the name and bio. So, well, I brought him up, he who wields a katana and has amazing regenerative powers, and began to fight crime once more...


Here he is as a rank newcomer, all Level 1 and just able to hold his sword properly without cutting himself. As evidenced by the bio, Jeffrey the Samurai Accountant is very serious about both accounting and the samurai oath of fealty. The firm of Macomber, Wilson and Klein makes sure to give him lots of paperwork to do, as he feels he best serves the company that way. On his days off, however, he fights crime to uphold the good name of the firm. Sure, the CEO doesn't understand why Jeffrey calls him "dime yo" or whatever, but after making sure it wasn't a slur or something equally insulting, he takes it in good stride. Fortunately, Jeffrey is a master number cruncher as well as master swordsman, which means good job security for him. Were he to be laid off, he would have to wander the financial district as a ronin and he does not want that.

Anyway. An evening or two of gameplay later, I managed to get him halfway through level 11.

SWIPE! SLASH! CUT! Someone should have itemized his deductions!

Finally at level 10, you're able to create a supergroup if you wish. Naturally, Samurai Accountant must belong to the firm, so "Macomber Wilson and Klein" it is (no commas allowed in supergroup names, unfortunately.)

For those who understand City of Heroes game mechanics or can pretend like they do, Samurai Accountant is a katana/regen scrapper. This combination is great for soloing; the katana primary powerset means quick but reasonably damaging attacks that also reduce an enemy's defense, plus a wonderful power called "Divine Avalanche", which is both an attack and a defense buff for you. That means you're more protected, but your enemy is less protected. Yay! You win!

The regeneration secondary powerset means you recover both health and endurance quickly. You also have a quickly-recharging heal when you need it, and you also get Dull Pain, one of the best defensive powers in the game. Basically, Dull Pain increases your maximum hit points for a goodly amount of time, and is great for boss fights.

There's more to the powersets than this brief rundown, of course, but at level 11, that's about as good as it gets. Hooray for Samurai Accountant!
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