It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

This is why I like forgetting to set my Away flag

[10/16 17:21] Cloudscout: Countless screaming Argonauts.
[10/16 17:22] Cloudscout: All employed by NASA... the National Argonautics and Space Administration.
[10/16 17:23] Cloudscout: They eat cheese.
[10/16 17:23] Cloudscout: And meatloaf.
[10/16 17:23] Cloudscout: They LOVE meatloaf.
[10/16 17:23] Cloudscout: Double beat-loaf.
[10/16 17:24] Cloudscout: By an intermittent dashboard light.
[10/16 17:25] Cloudscout: Goo-goo gajoob.
[10/16 17:25] Cloudscout: Goo-goo gajoob.
[10/16 17:25] Cloudscout: Thank you.  You've been great.
[10/16 17:25] Cloudscout: Try the fish.
[10/16 17:26] *** Cloudscout signed off at Thu Oct 16 17:26:02 2003.
Dude, even if I had been awake, you would've made more sense than I at that point.

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