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SF/32 infodump

The current updated lineup for SF/32, this President's Day weekend at the Somerville:

Flash Gordon in ROCKETSHIP (serial)
DARK STAR (an actual print this time, not a crummy VHS projection)
METROPOLIS (anime, dunno whether it's subbed or dubbed yet)
Shorts Film Program

This is almost complete; there are two or so more titles that will probably be announced just before the Marathon itself. This year's theme is "Bots Over Boston" and robots are well-represented in at least six of the titles (I am still really really REALLY holding out for WESTWORLD or SILENT RUNNING.)

PUZZLEHEAD will be a New England premiere; an indie film about a Brooklyn inventor who builds a robot. That's all I've heard about it, so it will come as a nice surprise to me, much like PRIMER was in 2005.

The big froo-frah this year, however, is over the inclusion of MONSTER HOUSE, which was put in partly to appeal to the younger crowd (and let's face it, the Marathon needs new blood and needs new geek families with geek kids to show up and start their own tradition.) I've also heard the film is one of the least offensive of the non-Pixar CGI offerings this year, but the big argument going on in certain online venues is whether or not it's sci-fi enough. I've heard it actually works quite well as a horror movie for kids and figure it's worth a look, but I certainly would not shed a tear if it were replaced with a more sci-fi film. The movie will be screened at a kid-friendly time -- most likely the Sunday Dinner slot, so that those who really don't want to see it can go out and have a bite. I know I would (Redbones, here we come!)

Then again, a little bit after people frothed over Monster House not being appropriate, the announcement was made that "Hey! We confirmed FORBIDDEN PLANET! Robby the Robot will return to the Marathon!" The last time we saw Forbidden Planet was at SF/24 in 1999; even so, this year's announcement still brought about complaints of "I don't need to see this AGAIN..."

Honestly, you can't please all the people all the time.

Every year's lineup is different; some lineups are better than others. This one veers a bit more towards horror than in recent years (CHOPPING MALL, SLITHER and MONSTER HOUSE to an extent) but I'm looking forward to it. It's not as good as the year we had BRAZIL, TRON, IRON GIANT and DEATH RACE 2000, or the year we had SUPERMAN, PLANET OF THE APES, THX 1138 and the original Toho GODZILLA, but I know I will be entertained, come what may.

Wonder how early I should show up on Sunday morning so as to guarantee front row balcony seats.
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