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All bets are off, four on the floor, it's Go Time, and the final quarter

You may have heard one of the goofier memes of last summer involved Aleksey Vayner, the Yale grad with a penchant for telling tall tales, who sent his 11-page resume to the prestigious UBS AG financial firm... along with "Impossible Is Nothing", his own homemade video featuring his smarmy platitudes about personal success (the first words out of his mouth in the video define his pretentious personality) along with footage of him ballroom dancing with a scantily clad young lady, serving a tennis ball at "140 mph" (and returning some spoon-fed volleys) bench-pressing 495 pounds (with three spotters "helping" him along) and, in a move that would make Ed Wood proud, a beautifully edited piece where we watch Vayner "prepare" himself in front of a stack of bricks, then watch somebody's hands smash those bricks in extreme-closeup, then cut to another shot of Vayner bowing again -- moving differently than in the extreme-closeup take.)

Now that's funny to begin with.

Then Michael Cera, who played George Michael on Arrested Development, put out his own personal success growth development video, entitled "Impossible is the Opposite of Possible." In it, Cera will wow you with his guitar playing skills, his heavy lifting abilities, and his own platitudes such as "I'm constantly trying to better myself and further educate myself in any way that doesn't involve reading" and "There are always certain people who will try to impede your progress in life that successful people refer to as 'losers'. Cross them out of your life." The interview segments, the tennis segment, the guitar bit, and the dancing make it one of the best piss-takes I've seen in a while, and shows that Cera is one hell of a comic actor already (and, honestly, George Michael was one of the best characters on Arrested Development and seemed so natural with the comic timing and earnest forthrightness. I thought that this video seemed to show what it may have been like if George Michael had been G.O.B.'s son instead of Michael's.)

Then the SA Goons found the video and subsequently discovered Michael Cera's MySpace profile, which contains in the picture gallery several pictures of him appearing in the background of other people's pics. This old chestnut only works with the right position and face, and Cera nails it every time. Each one is funnier than the rest, and when you get to the one that involves a lampshade, it's like the beautiful punchline to a well setup joke.
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