It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

Things I Learned, Directly & Indirectly, Through iTunes and Google

1. That Bob Dorough, who wrote and performed many of the Schoolhouse Rock songs, had a regular Sunday piano jazz brunch gig at the Iridium club in NYC a few years back (after he turned 80, mind you.)

2. That said Mr. Dorough released a live album of some of his Iridium gigs, one of the tracks being a wickedly fine extended 7 minute Three Is A Magic Number groove. ("Three", by the way, was the very first Schoolhouse Rock song written.)

2a. That Mr. Spatchel was not disappointed after purchasing said groove for ninety-nine cents. (That's three times thirty-three, if you're still multiplyin.)

3. That Bob Dorough no longer plays Sunday brunch at the Iridium, but according to its schedule, Les Paul plays two sets there every Monday.

3a. That Les Paul.

Suddenly I very much want to go back to New York one Monday evening and pay exorbitant jazz club prices. With the cover charge and drink minimum, I'd be throwing down $55.00 at the very least, but to see Les Paul play? Holy cats, I believe I could scrounge up some pocket change for that.

Ah. Time to grab some coffee and find my way over to Cambridge. Good morning!

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