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Ackmena meets the Emperor

Tonight's Star Wars: Interior Decorators of the Old Republic fun involved a visit to the Emperor's Retreat on Naboo. This is one of SW:G's much-vaunted "theme park" areas, in which ordinary players like you or me get a chance to rub elbows with some of the more famous characters in the Star Wars saga. Of course, in order to do some elbow-rubbing, you first have to perform several tasks, like escort someone 2000m away to the theme park (what they're doing 2000m out in the middle of nowhere is never explained, but that's probably not the point) or simply kill something or someone. Other theme parks include Jabba's Palace and Watto's Junkyard on Tattooine, and Nym's Stronghold somewhere else that I am told is based on one of the other Star Wars games. I'm doing the one that's strictly for Imperials, since, well, I am one.

Each mission nets you either a useless piece of gear (Electrobinoculars that are busted? A Work Light that doesn't?) or a piece of clothing which you may or may not have already bought in the Bazaar. (But hey, these high-quality jackboots sure look good.)

But it's all worth it when you get to meet Darth Vader.

Here I am posing for a picture with Darth Vader. In case you're wondering, Ackmena is supposed to be a Bea Arthur character, based on her role as Ackmena, sassy cantina owner in The Star Wars Christmas Special. (I figure if George don't consider it canon, then it's fair game. I also realize that in the special, Ackmena isn't too fond of the Empire, but since I'm in an Imperial guild, I might as well do the faction up right. The only problem is that since my character's name starts with Ack, everybody automatically assumes, before meeting her, that she's Mon Calamari.) My low-grade computer and chuggy graphics card prevent me from rendering her in all her aged glory, but here you go. Darth really hates having his picture taken. He also hates being talked to unless you've done a zillion more missions. But I bet you'd be grumpy too if all you got to do in this MMORPG is sit around waiting for idiot players to show up, complete a few missions, and double-click on you.

(Though I do admit I had a bit of a fanboy moment here as I entered Darth's little sanctum sanctorum. He's sitting in that little pod-like thing he had in Empire, and you hear the breathing first before the pod opens up and shows him. So there I am, walking into this chamber I don't know nothin about, and there's that breath. And I went "Ooh!" And then Darth insulted me. Bastard.)

And here's ol short 'n wrinkly himself. He doesn't have much to say, either. But he's gracious enough to let me run around his halls opening and closing doors at will, so he's not so bad.

I'm still doing missions around the retreat, as there are at least five mission giver-outers, with five missions each, that you must work with before Darth Vader decides to high-five you. And that's what I'm really working for here -- hell, isn't that what we all should be working for?


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