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This morning I noticed they'd gone and did another all-over ad job on the Harvard Square station. This time around every single ad poster is for Special K cereal and I guess some Special K cereal bar byproduct. Much like JetBlue's all-over train campaign, the posters are designed to flow in a linear fashion, and that's neat. (There's an undulating background across all posters which looks like a continuous wave when you look at several posters in a row. I think that's cool.)

Now, I understand why Harvard Square is the station that always gets this kind of regular advertising treatment. It's easily the busiest Red Line station north of the Chahls so the eyeball factor is high, and there's plenty of advertising space on the walls and poster slots and the floors.

But even so, with a product like Special K, I thought maybe it'd have been more appropriate to place the ads in Kendall.

You know, because, like, of the K, and all...

ok if anybody needs me I'll be over here

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