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Nice Things Thursday "with my new best friend and roommate, Zach Braff!"

Say hey, it's Nice Things Thursday! After such negativity and spleen-venting last night over the many faults of certain journal editor interfaces with difficult proportional fonts, I have decided to veer off into the positive today and say Nice Things. It's always nice to hear nice things.

For instance, after staring at the old MBTA "spider" map in the Davis station today, I realized that the new anatomically-almost-correct system map is much, much better at denoting which subway stations have commuter rail connections! They're much easier to spot now, and that's nice.

The free Metro paper, too, is nice because I can start reading it in Davis and finish it by the time we pull out of Porter, one stop away. There's no long-term committment, no heavy reading. I suppose if I did the sudoku puzzle as well I could stretch my enjoyment out all the way to Central Square, but that'd require a writing utensil.

Speaking of writing utensils, my favorite pen ever is the Pilot Precise V5 rolling ball pen. I can write very quickly with such a free-flowing pen, the 0.5mm tip is good for writing teeny small and the little ink reservoir thingy looks futuristic. Plus there's those two little round divots in the pen cap, which make for dandy cap-chewing if you're a cap-chewer like me. Pilot makes a bunch of nice rolling ball pens, but if they were ever to discontinue the Precise series, I'd probably hoard up a few cases like the Blackwing 602 pencil fans have done.

I saw last week's episode of 30 Rock last night and by gum, in the past few episodes it has turned from a kinda "meh" backstage comedy into an absolutely hilarious backstage comedy of the absurd. The episode featured Tracy Morgan's character wigging out on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and threatening Conan (a la Crispin Glover and Andy Kaufman on Letterman), Tina Fey frantically running around with low blood sugar levels, Rachel Dratch as one of Tracy's hallucinations (she plays a different role every time she's on the show; it's a great way for a sketch comedy veteran to be involved in a regular sitcom series) and a final scene of the endearingly earnest but just slightly off-center NBC page, Kenneth Ellen, interviewing himself on the empty Late Night set. ("Oh no, that question! How did you know?! Well, yes, I was a clogger back home, but I don't think anybody in the audience would want to see me... oh, you would?! Well, I guess I could do just a little...") I can't remember the last time I laughed as hard at a first-run network television show as I did at this episode.

Do you know what I like? Tortellini. My gosh, but do I like tortellini.

I also like writing in the style of Larry King. Give it a shot, it's fun!

Everybody who's read for our upcoming Post-Meridian Radio Players show at Arisia did an awesome job. Tuesday's reading session was full of energy and hilarity and different takes on characters I'd never even considered before. It was a loose, fun read There were also some very strong reads last night at Diesel (and I can only wonder what the folks sitting around us made of it) so now I get to spend a lot of time noodling around with my casting matrix -- which I hand-drew with a Pilot Precise V5, I'll have you know. Casting can be difficult; trying to place people in roles that would work well off other people and gauging availability and preference and whatnot is like filling out one of those Fun Times Logic Puzzles you buy at CVS to do on a long trip. You know, the ones where you have to figure out who's wearing the red hat if Bob is sitting next to Claire but Agnes is wearing the green dress, only in this case I can't turn to the back for the answer key because there is no back...

...uh, and that's good. I, uh, like having to write the answer key myself. (Sure, I can delude myself a little bit, since today is Nice Things Thursday!)

So, uh, have they let us use the old LiveJournal editor again yet?

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