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Issue 8 is out! Issue 8 is out! Hooray hooray, say City of Heroes/Villains players! Lots of new stuff was added to the game, including Veteran Rewards. For every 3 months you've had an active subscription to the game since its launch, you unlock a SPECIAL PRIZE FROM THE TREASURE CHEST! Oh my gooses! You get to DRINK FROM THE FIRE HOSE!!

Most of the rewards are extra costume pieces for all your characters (trenchcoats, wings, that kinda stuff) or something special, such as a unique weapon, or, if you've been a member for all thirty months total, a free little mini pet that'll follow you around, like the World of Warcraft collector's edition pets. It's not cumulative, so if you unsubscribe like I did and come back, you still get credit for all the months you've ever played.

Me, I got up to the level where you earn a set of samurai armor pieces. Putting two and seven together, I reached into my bag of tricks and pulled out


On Victory.

PS. You can't make a good John Belushi samurai with the hero creator. I've tried it. You can't get his topknot right. Plus, he just wears robes.

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