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several for early Sunday

It was a beautiful day yesterday. Clem and I enjoyed way too much brunchy food at The Neighborhood and decided to spend the afternoon a-walking. We eventually made our way to Cambridge.

Cambridge City Hall Old Concrete Mary
City Hall Concrete Mary
Earlier this weekend, I found some graffiti helpfully added to one of those Lavalife ads. You know, the ones on the T that show stylized beautiful people meeting other stylized beautiful people by setting loose swarms of butterflies or rose petals around them or something. I am willing to believe that the person who wrote this graffiti had run out of "I Threw Up" stickers so he or she made do with a ballpoint pen and some creative license.
Lavalife Ad 'n Graffiti Lavalife Ad 'n Graffiti
"You're too thin"
There was also a garage at one point this week, and a hand-painted building directory hidden underneath the faux-marble panels of the Steinway building foyer.
Garage Building Directory
G a r a g e Building Directory
And finally I took a nice little set all about the dimly-lit wonders of the Porter Square T Station.
Porter Square SetPorter Square T Station
Wonky escalators, nautical theming and the deepest station in the entire MBTA.

Take care, and don't eat anything you shouldn't.
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