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this song is just six words long

When I was a wee sprat, my favorite song of all time was the disco hit "Get Up And Boogie" by the German-based disco pop group Silver Convention. We had the album, and my parents let me take the album out any time I wanted and listen to my favorite song. The cover art was a rather risque and unsettling painting featuring a giant chrome slot machine dispensing out chrome figures of naked ladies. Even though I was three, I had this vague notion that this was what the disco people were all about, that they liked to get naked and chrome-like and, uh, dance or something. I don't know. It seemed all space-age at the time, anyway, even with the lush string orchestration.

As far as the song itself goes, I think it was the simplicity that appealed so much to me. The lyrics consisted entirely of the following:
Get up and boogie
Get up and boogie
That's right!

Get up and boogie
Get up and boogie
That's right!

That's right!
I think it was repeated about 500 times. My favorite part was the chorus of guys chanting "That's right!" and I dutifully sang along with it every time it came 'round on the record.

Years later, I heard someone sampling the "That's right!" in another song, and I was secretly pleased.

So, uh, happy Friday to you and yours.

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