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the gazillion-buck mistake, plus the world's most disturbing T ad.

I missed my 9:00 appt with Doc Sarcastic today. This Tuesday-Friday work schedule thing throws me off every time, because during the work week, I honestly don't think "Monday" or "Wednesday," I think "Second day in a row I've worked" or "last day in a row I'll work." Thursday, then, usually corresponds with "Fourth day in a row I've worked" but, well, not anymore.

I completely forgot today was Thursday until it was about 10:30 and I'd given myself a no-show. And that's not such a good thing, seeing as how I remember signing a piece of paper the first time I went to the doc's office that said "Oh yeah, if I don't show up for any of my appointments without giving you 24 hours' notice, I'll owe you a gazillion dollars."

Oops. Or, should I say, goddamn.

Anyway, to make up for my dreadful mistake, I'm including under the cut two pictures of probably the most disturbing ad I've seen yet on the T. It makes the "BOF FRI FLEU" stroke victim cartoon poster look like a good idea. It "works" on any number of levels, both viscerally and metaphorically. I'm putting it under the cut just in case you may have a workplace with a weak constitution ... though honestly, since it's in plain sight every single goddamn day on the train, the ad really is work-safe, but still...

This, folks, this is America:

The Most Disturbing Ad I've Seen On The T In A Long Time The Mighty Dollar Ovum

All hail the Mighty Dollar Ovum!

Some days, I just don't know...
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