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YouTube Rodeo Roundup

Tonight's YouTube offering: MC Chris ranting, loudly and with much obscenity, about Kingdom Hearts 2 and Resident Evil 4.

It's hilarious.

But only if you've, uh, played Kingdom Hearts 2 and Resident Evil 4.

Which I have.

So, uh.


Well, in case you haven't played those games, please watch this incredibly brilliant animated scene from The Thief & The Cobbler instead. (That pink thing, by the way, is a shoe.) The video quality really doesn't do this scene justice. Honestly. It's amazing.

There's a whole story behind the film involving nearly 30 years' worth of animation, production red tape, holdups, mishmoshes, butchered studio edits and releases, and final restoration by loving fans. I ain't gonna get into all that right now, but just keep in mind this scene (and the entire film) was animated entirely by hand in ones. Wow.

"In ones? What's in ones?" I hear you say. Well, there's 24 frames of film for every second of animation. "In ones" means that a drawing was made for every single frame. That's 24 drawings for each second of the film. You can cut corners, of course, by producing one drawing for every two frames, or every four if you're a cheap television animation studio, but you lose fluidity and all that good stuff.

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