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oh no you di'nt

Welcome to the Goontown Retirement Home. Well, it was either that for a name or "Your Mom's House".
Everybody else has gone the "foo House of Pancakes" route and I feared "The Nude House of Wacky People" would not provide the quality kind of environment we wish to have in Goontown.

This is the long hallway of our fine house (Naboo House Style 2). It is lit by torchlight as someone in SOE forgot to set the "light source" bit for the freestanding lamps. Once again hearty cheers of "gg soe" and "ready for release!" are raised. And yes, that's a rare Nemoidian Birdcage as well, thanks for asking.

It literally took me about 45 minutes to line these chairs and glass table up the way I liked them. And unfortunately as my house is a single story design, I cannot use the trick needed to achieve the illusion of placing things on the table. (You have to actually climb up the stairs to the height you want, as objects dropped are dropped at your feet, and then you float/move them over to the table or wherever. Again we cheer "gg soe! ready for release!")

And here's another nifty shot of the living room, taken from the glass table's point of view. Note the fine Audrey 2 clones flanking the sofa and the torch placed precariously close to the wooden table. Not shown is the anti-mannequin (floating clothes arranged fashionably together for display purposes.)

And our own America's Sweetheart, Kyro Cilliani, shows us all exactly why /gape has, since early beta, been constantly voted the funniest emote in Star Wars: Terrain Simulator, Chat Client & Interior Decorator.

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