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R.I.P. The Littlest Bar 1945 - 2006

Man, I hate two "they're gone" posts in a row.
I've also had a few in me tonight, but they didn't come from this place.

The Littlest Bar 1945 - 2006 The Littlest Bar 1945 - 2006 The Littlest Bar 1945 - 2006

The Littlest Bar was indeed the littlest bar you ever saw.
Its official capacity was 38, though the sign above the bar read "Legal Capacity 3000."
The pay phone was located in the restroom, whose door didn't shut all the way
because it was mostly blocked by cases of beer.
You couldn't help but talk to people at the bar. Even at my most anti-social, I could
strike up a nice conversation with a stranger over a pint of Guinness.

The Littlest was living on borrowed time.
Its fate has been sealed since mid-2005, but its execution has been stayed several times over.
It served its last pints on Saturday, September 23.
Somebody thinks a big-ass building of luxury condos would better suit this space in Boston.

That somebody is full of shit.

Fuck you, Abbey Group. Fuck you for taking away something special, wonderful and unique
only to put up cookie-cutter "luxury" bullshit in its place.
May your housing bubble burst and take you with it.

EDIT: There is hope; the hand-written note above the door reads "Build it and they will come." The owner of The Littlest may very well be on his way to opening another Littlest on Devonshire Street.
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