It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

Yesterday, while walking up the Fort Point riverwalk, I happened to view two dog owners engaged in heated debate. One, whose large aggressive dog was leashed, was taking the other, whose tiny chihuahua-like breed was roaming free, to task, quoting Boston City Ordinance leash law numbers that changed every time he tried to reiterate his main point. The big dog's owner was concerned he would be liable if his big dog attacked her little dog, and that she was irresponsible for letting her dog roam free. The little dog's owner made the points that the big dog's owner should just butt out and that he wasn't a lawyer and maybe he should control his dog better if he was afraid it was gonna go around attacking other dogs. Regardless of who was right and who was wrong in this scenario -- I sure as hell can't make that judgement, I don't own a dog -- the punchline came when I walked by and passed another woman, who'd been viewing the spectacle as well.

"Man, kids are so much easier," she said sotto voce as we passed each other, and I have the feeling we both continued on walking with conspiratorial snickering grins on our faces.

Later, in the checkout line at the market, I watched a hyperactive three-year-old bouncing up and down in a shopping cart. He was trying to sing the ABC song, and made several very loud attempts. When he finally got to Z and it was apparent he would receive no artistic accolades for his meritorious efforts, he threw a package of bratwurst at his mom, catching her right in the solar plexus. Some Very Pointed Admonishment ensued.

"Should've just gotten a dog," the man standing behind me observed quietly.

It's those little moments in life that really make a day great.
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