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You've Got To Be Kidding Me Dept.

I'm a postin' machine today! But I just found this pleasant bit of news courtesy the Glob:
Arson suspected in pet store fire


Cambridge fire officials are looking into a suspicious two-alarm fire at a pet store on Monsignor O'Brien Highway late last night.

Fire officials said this morning that the fire at the Boston Tropical Fish and Reptile store appears to be deliberately set. Arson is suspected because of graffiti on the outside of the store, which points toward an animal rights' group.

A number of animals were killed in the blaze. The store housed snakes, fish and lizards. Officials said many of the fish were saved.
The picture in the article shows the graffiti which reads "NO MORE EXPLOITATION OF ANIMALS." If this is true -- that some complete freakin' idiots brilliantly decided to burn down a pet store and kill that which they wanted to save -- then I have but one reply in the form of an image macro.

Image Hosted by

Or, to quote Strong Bad, "DORKS."
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