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Tonight's episode: A RECIPE... FOR DISASTER! (A Quinn-Martin Production.)

From jodied comes spectacular news currently on the front page of the Cape Cod Times site:
Unusual taco mold explodes into kitchen disaster
WEST BARNSTABLE - A can of chicken noodle soup exploded in a teenager's face yesterday when he used it to try to cook tacos, Fire Chief Joseph Maruca said.

The 17-year-old, whose name could not be released because of medical privacy laws and because he is a minor, was taken to Cape Cod Hospital with minor burns to his face, Maruca said.

Fire fighters were called to a single-family home on Lothrop's Lane at 6:02 p.m. for reports of smoke in the building from an oil explosion. The boy had been molding tortillas around a can of chicken noodle soup and then dunking the shells - and the can - in hot oil to cook them, Maruca said.

The soup inside the can boiled and turned to steam. The roiling contents put pressure on the can, which exploded and shot flaming droplets of hot oil into the teenager's face and across the kitchen. The ceiling of the kitchen was so scorched it will probably need to be replaced, Maruca said.

"I've had almost 30 years as a firefighter and I've never seen anything like it," Maruca said. "I've read about it. It's the same principal that causes explosions of tankers on the highway. The same science, just on a small scale."

The boy's cooking technique was a long-standing family tradition that has always worked fine in the past, according to Maruca.

"People need to understand that liquid in a sealed container that boils will cause the container to explode violently," Maruca said. "It was a lesson for everyone involved."
Wait, wait. Dunking tortilla-wrapped cans of soup in hot oil is a long-standing family tradition?

"Hey, everyone, Mom's making her famous Exploding Tortilla Chicken Soup tonight!"

And with results like this, how long could this "long-standing" tradition be? I'm thinking, what with Natural Selection and all, this was a tradition from, like, maybe last week.
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