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Today is the 80th birthday of one Stan Freberg. If you do not know who Stan Freberg is you are probably here because you googled for "carol channing striptease" or something.

In honor of Mr. Freberg's birth, please enjoy a transcription I cut and pasted from some other website. (I actually had to correct one or two of the lines as I read it along. Sheesh!) It is one of the greatest skits performed on his short-lived 1960s radio series, featuring Stan Freberg as Stan Freberg, and Daws Butler, voice great, as Mr. Tweedly. I would add in more, including his incredibly anti-commercialist Green Chri$tma$, or any pieces from his wonderful Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America albums, but this will do just fine, especially considering how careful we must all be around language these days. For the benefit of the tiny tots, you know.

And please, as always, remember: Ray Bradbury never mentioned prunes in any of his stories.

Freberg: Well, it's great to be with you tonight. We have a ...

Tweedly: Pardon me Mr. Freberg, my name is Mr. Tweedly.

Freberg: Well, we all have our problems.

Tweedly: I'm the censor form the Citizens Radio Committee
and uh, I feel...

Freberg: You are from the Citizens Radio Committee?

Tweedly: Exactly what I said, yes. And I...

Freberg: And what is your purpose in being here.

Tweedly: I must OK all the material used on your program here,
and I think the best method is to just sit back here and interrupt
when I feel it's necessary.

Freberg: You mean you plan to stop me every time I do something YOU
think is wrong?

Tweedly: Exactly, I'll just sound my little horn like this, <HONK!>
and then you stop and I'll tell you what's wrong.

Freberg: Somehow I can tell this is going to be one of those days.

Tweedly: You just go right ahead, Mr. Freberg. Don't mind me.

Freberg: Yeah, now I'd like to sing... <HONK!>

Tweedly: You forgot to say "Thank You" Mr. Freberg, Politeness is
essential in radio programming. Your program goes into the home,
we must be a good influence on children.

Freberg: I see uh... that's a nice little horn you have there,
thanks very much Mr. Tweedly.

Tweedly: You're welcome I'm sure.

Freberg: I'd like to sing a old river song in honor of National
Mississippi River Boat Paddle Wheel week. ....

Freberg: Old Man Riv <HONK!> All right Tweedly, politeness I dig,
but what in the world is wrong with "Old Man River"?

Tweedly: The word "old" has a connotation some of the more elderly
folks find distasteful. I would suggest you make the substitution

Freberg: I suppose you insist?

Tweedly: Precisely.

Freberg: OK, music <HONK!>

Tweedly: You forgot to say "Thank you".

Freberg: Thank you, Mr. Tweedly.

Tweedly: You're quite welcome I'm sure.

Freberg: Elderly Man River, that Elderly Man River, he must know
somethin' but he don't say nothin <HONK!> Now what, Tweedly?

Tweedly: The word "something" you left off the "g".

Freberg: But that's authentic, "somethin', somethin'," that's
the way people talk down there.

Tweedly: I'm sorry, the home is a classroom Mr. Freberg.

Freberg: I know you said that.

Tweedly: Keep in mind the tiny tots. And further more, think back.
You'll recall you said, "but he don't say nothin", That was in
quote. Now really Mr. Freberg, that's a double negative. Do you mean
"he does say something"?

Freberg: No I just wasn't using my head I guess.

Tweedly: I mean, after all, it should be grammatically correct.
Keeping in mind the tiny tots, you probably mean "he doesn't say

Freberg: I-I-I I suppose I mean that, I guess, all right fine,
you win, OK, Billy, music... <HONK!> Thank you! thank you.

Tweedly: You're welcome, I'm sure

Freberg: Elderly Man River, that Elderly Man River, he must know
something but he doesn't say anything he just keeps rollin' --uh --
rolling, he just keeps rolling along.

He don't <HONK!> doesn't plant taters -- potatoes, he doesn't plant
cotton -- cotting, and them, these, those, that plants them are soon forgotting,
but Elderly Man River, he just keeps rolling along...

Tweedly: Excellent

Freberg: "You and me,


Freberg: The tiny tots again was it?

Tweedly: Exactly.

Freberg: Sorry about that, here we go.

You and I, we sweat <HONK!> perspire and strain... bodies all achin'
and racked with pain...

[well, we got by that one]

Tote that barge! Lift that bale! You get a little...

Take your finger off the button now, Mr. Tweedly.
We know when we're licked.

shamelessly ganked from
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