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The end of the ISCABBS, once the largest telnet-based BBS on the entire Interbutt, appears to be nigh. The story, which I'm quoting third-hand from a post on another telnet-based BBS, started when a sysop started deleting, er, salacious posts in a public forum.
The rest of the users were told to take their sex talk to the forum called Kama Sutra>, which is age verified. Unfortunately, very few users on ISCA are age verified, and none of the users in quesiton were. More than willing to play along, the users sought age verification, but the system, which requires snail mailing a photocopy of picture ID with birthdate, is defunct. Not to mention the IDs of all those who had been verified were lost years ago. This left the userbase in an impossible place, and the Sysops unwilling to do anything about it without the permission of the actual Iowa Student Computer Association, which hasn't had a meeting in over a year and only has two or three allegedly active members. Some upset users have attempted to contact the University of Iowa, which has only led to UofI being made aware of a machine on their network that they didn't even know existed anymore. It's the Hindenburg alright, and everyone on board is smoking cigarettes. ISCA has been down since 8am Central Time for unknown reasons...
This ending, which involves sysop powers, "sexxxy chat", bureaucratic mumbledy-peg and an administration which has forgotten about it, is more than fitting. I'm sure I'll be able to wax rhapsodic on the whole ISCA experience later on tonight, but for now, I'm just laffin.
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