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It's 1 AM, so here are 3 more pictures

Tonight you'll get a history lesson, too!


The abandoned Fanny Farmer storefront pictures were taken in Medford, about a mile from the actual homestead of Fannie Farmer herself. She was the director of a Boston cooking school and published, in 1896, the first American cookbook with specific and exact measurements (you know, "heaping teaspoonful", "level teaspoonful", all of that.) For this, she became known as "The Mother of Level Measurements."

However, this wouldn't have been the first Fanny Farmer candy shop. Miss Farmer had nothing to do with that. That candy biz was started in Rochester, New York by Frank O'Connor four years after Fannie's death, and named in her honor (her heirs also approved.) One presumes he changed the spelling from "Fannie" to "Fanny" originally in the hopes of avoiding hassles.

Strangely enough, the Fanny Farmer brand was acquired many years down the line by the Fannie May candy company which has absolutely no relation to the Fannie Mae financial service.

(Now here comes the part that'll make all the Brits giggle) What is it with our American love affair of Fanny?

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