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early morning tidbits

Oh, look, it's a newer avatar thingy. My, but Tim looks absolutely svelte in this picture.

I did a bit of quick-and-dirty screen captures and made little 100xsomething pictures for the benefit of probably no one, but here you go.

Riding on the trandemTwo trampoline shots, bracketed for
maximum jumping action
Nice expression from Graeme
and the flag is legible
Anything, anytime!

This came about entirely due to several hours of tireless research trying to figure which gibbon of three was the true, and therefore funky gibbon, and I ended up with a few first-season Goodies episodes of dubious video quality, and I was very glad to see them. Really wonderful stuff.

And then there's a great new French animated film called The Triplets of Belleville. That link there, by the way, takes you to a QuickTime trailer, and I'm mentioning this only because if you neglect to point out that there's a .QT or .RAM file lurking behind a URL, you invariably attract hordes of angry people who think that A: You were the one responsible for encoding the bit of media in the first place, so B: Why did you bother to use such a horrible/crappy/proprietary/memory leaking/shoddy format to begin with, and C: Goddamit, why aren't you as blindly and frothingly zealous about operating systems like the rest of us Slashdot readers, anyway? So there, you've all been well and duly warned, and I want none of that popping up down below where I can delete it.

At any rate, this animated film looks incredible. The jazz soundtrack posilutely swings and the animation, while sometimes grotesque and caricaturish in that French way, is superb (note the change of animation style between the 1930s flashback and the present day scenes!) The plot involves a kidnapped Tour de France cyclist, his grandmother, three singing sisters from the 1930s and a vision of an American megalopolis where everybody (including a cheeseburger-toting Statue of Liberty) is fat. I'm digging it. The big city and jazz reminds me of the animated Metropolis which I got to see a month or so ago, and that made me very happy, so this film is going to make me happy, too. The only problem now is figuring out when the film will show up in Boston. The Sony Pictures Classics site gives a release date of November 21, but people on the Something Awful forums have reported seeing the film already in some form of limited release or another. As for Boston, none of the Holy Trimuvirate (Brattle, Coolidge and Kendall Square) list the film as "Coming Soon", and each of them go ahead about a month or so in listing schedules online. So I guess it's a wait til November for me. I'll make sure to remember it, though, with this kind of writing.

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