It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

I hate politics

There's some rabidly conservative planes flying above us right now. Well, I'm not so sure about the planes' own political leanings, but the banners trailing behind them are inspired by today's legislative circus over at the State House. The banners point to an anti-gay marriage website which implores us to do away with "the judges who started all this trouble" by "imposing gay marriage on us."

Oh, all this trouble! How well we all know the plagues visited upon us when the first same-sex couples emerged from Cambridge City Hall with marriage licenses, how the economy collapsed, dogs started meowing, ice cream lost its flavor, and how God punished Massachusetts by, uh, flooding New Orleans, I don't know.

And sure, I know how tough it was when gay marriage was imposed on me. What a surprise it was to wake up that day and hear that the state was imposing one on me, compliments of Judges Wossname and Whoever. (I mean, sure, Rick's nice and all, great sense of humor and he always makes sure to tivo Gilmore Girls, but golly this is not what I wanted.)

All hyperbole aside, what really galls me is that the only reason why such a stink is being made is because it's an election year. Gotta keep our partisan status quo! The basic freedoms of people who just want to live their lives with those they love are being toyed with simply because some politicians don't wanna give up their cushy ol' jobs unless it's a promotion, and will say anything to their constitchensee to stay in the game. Politics is for those who never matured beyond schoolyard bullying, who enjoy your typical pick-a-side-and-throw-rocks-at-the-other games. The whole "If you ain't for us you're agin us" crap. Witness the online genius who railed against Matt Amorello in the wake of his Big Dig mismanagement, calling him a "stubborn Dem hack." Oops, dude, the guy's a Republican. Just because Mitt Romney hates him doesn't automatically make him the Party You Despise. Way to jerk, knee. (I mean, I want Amorello out too, but not because he's affiliated with The Other Guys. I want him out because he's a tool. Being a tool transcends political affiliation.)

Oh hell. All this just disheartens me incredibly. Time to move to one's own island and declare a benevolent dictatorship or something.
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