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September 24th, 2003

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04:55 pm - hey hey hey hey
Who's got T-like directions to the Spike's Junkyard Dogs in Boston? I am coming up a complete blank here and Mr. Google is not helping as well as he should be, for shame. And I just want a damn fine hot dog today.

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Date:September 25th, 2003 03:23 am (UTC)
Take the B line down Commonwealth Ave.

At Harvard St., get off and walk towards the river. When you get to Rt 20 (brighton Ave) take a right and walk one block. Alternatively, take Linden St. from Commonwealth to brighton. Spikes is right at the corner.

Alternatively, I believe you can take the 66 (Bus of Broken Dreams), from Harvard Sq and get off at brighton Ave, and be Damn Close.

You can also get off the Subway where Rt 20 and Commonwealth split,m but thats a longer walk.
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Date:September 25th, 2003 03:26 am (UTC)
Hmm. Looks to me like the Green line to Fordham Rd., then walk north to Brighton Ave. and west to Spike's. The map at Yahoo shows where it is.

I guess I'm posting this kinda late. Maybe it'll help in the future, though.

We have a Spike's on the URI campus now. I haven't tried them yet, though.

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