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David Blaine is still gettin no loving for putting himself in a clear box for 44 days. IMDB reported a little bit of the torment he's going through, from golf-balls and laser pointers and radio-controlled helicopters (cool!) bugging him to Paul McCartney giving him what-for as well. But honestly, those trying to defend him ain't doing such a hot job either:
And across the Atlantic in New York, bosses at PMK management company ... are desperately trying to find a way to save Blaine's prestige. One PMK insider tells London newspaper The Evening Standard, "What we saw appalled us. David is a huge star, a brand name in America on which an entire campaign was based..."
Brand name? Don't delude yourselves, darlings. In America, just like in England, Blaine is a reasonably decent sleight-of-hand artist who sold himself out for cheesy camera trick television specials and silly public stunts that'd make an Internet attention whore go "Oh, come on now." Unless by "brand name", perhaps, you mean something like "Stupid Twat, Ltd"...

At least Harry Houdini had the presence of mind to keep most of his public displays reasonably short. Oh, yeah, he also did interesting stuff too.

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