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The Gilded Moose might possibly be the best celebrity snark blog ever.

No, wait, scratch that, it is. When viewing this collection of paparazzi-n-snark, you're either saying "OH SNAP" every forty-five seconds or you're saying "OH, THAT'S NOT RIGHT." Cause it ain't right. It's wrong. It's so very wrong and so very, very funny. And chances are you're going to be offended by at least one of the items. One of the first five items you see. And then one of the next five you see.

But it works. It so works. Every time you say "Oh that one, that one's my total favorite" (such as "Maggie Gyllenhaal Seriously Considering Mr. Potter's Offer to Pay 50 Cents on the Dollar") another one comes along that makes you reconsider your definition of the word "favorite" (such as "BREAKING: J. Lo Approaching Grassy Knoll")


Here's Reese in full Wes Anderson getup.

Oh, and Maggie Gyllenhaal decided to keep her money in that ol' Savings & Loan. One of the best parts of The Gilded Moose is their ability and willingness to tenaciously follow a story until it's done.

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