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Brick was very, very, very good indeed. At any time the film could have folded under the weight of its cleverness, but somehow the strength of its convictions won over and all the kids sounded very good with the Dashiell Hammett-esque dialogue. It'd be interesting to see what the film would look like in black and white, though it definitely wasn't shot for B&W.

Before the film, I watched a guy try to pick up a waitress at a diner. Seemed almost appropriate. He did not do a good job of it. I do have to say I give the guy full marks for making a sincere effort, cause honestly, who's had the stones recently to ask out their server? (Let he who is with stones cast the ok I got nothing.)

But when he started dropping phrases like "Listen, I could give you my number, and you could call, or if you don't, that's cool too" and "I'm just coming off a bad divorce" I knew this matchup was not destined to be. I think the waitress was being polite in her refusal, but I can't read that whole interest/disinterest thing for beans. She certainly didn't snark about him with the other waitresses after he left, which might have just been the classy thing to do (and saved for the back room.)

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