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Space-age camera tucked inside a phone! Wow!
Smallish pix with no enlargements cause the resolution somehow got reset to the smallest possible. Ah, well, c'est la guerre.

fig. i. fig. ii. fig. iii.
fig. iv. fig. v. fig. vi.
fig. vii. fig. viii. fig. ix.

fig. x. fig. xi.

  1. Fresh Baked. Former Italian deli on A Street, Boston.

  2. Ghost ad on the Turkelsen Building, A Street, Boston.

  3. Neighborly advice on A Street in Boston. Blue tape reads "Please stop parking with your cab sticking past the end of 326 A St into alley." Note below, in red ink, advises the blue note-writer to try to not block the alley when parallel parking outside 326 A Street.

  4. Some kind of crazy standpipe on Summer Street bridge, Boston.

  5. Wrought-iron window guards on Summer Street, Boston.

  6. Bridge railing on Summer Street bridge, Boston.

  7. Ventilation Building No. 4, Boston.

  8. Traffic Light in Plastic Bag in front of the Federal Reserve Bank building, Boston.

  9. Peeling painted brick on a former Necco building, Boston.

  10. Mustang the Scottish Terrier, Lynn, Mass.

  11. Really Freaking Scary Tree, Lynn, Mass.

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