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On the Good News front, the May/June Brattle schedule looks very promising, and I'm already licking my No. 2 pencil point to write in the days I think I could very well be down in Hahvid for to watch movies. Who wants to come with?

May 19-24 is a Gene Kelly / Fred Astaire extravaganza. SINGIN' IN THE RAIN, ON THE TOWN, ANCHORS AWEIGH, HOLIDAY INN, COVER GIRL, AN AMERICAN IN PARIS, SWING TIME, ZIEGFELD FOLLIES, a whole lot more... holy crap. That's a lotta dancin, boss. I'll be busy on the 20th with the camp reunion, but I'm thinking SINGIN' IN THE RAIN on the 19th at the very least. And AN AMERICAN IN PARIS on Monday the 22nd. And maybe ZIEGFELD FOLLIES on the 25th, before you crazy Gerald kids show up. And maybe maybe and maybe and.

Lotta Ken Russell films afterwards, but honestly, kids, if you've seen LISZTOMANIA once, you don't need to see it again. Even if you're high. I would go for ALTERED STATES, however, that's Memorial Day weekend which means Take The Okay Cool Kids Bowling, Take Them Bowling. Or something. I dunno.

Then! Double feature on Monday 6/5 and Tuesday 6/6, KISS KISS BANG BANG and TRISTRAM SHANDY. Both films are nicely entertaining in their own right, and I'd enjoy the chance to see KISS KISS sober. But it's the 6/9 - 6/11 double feature schedule I am loving. RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH. Hot damn says I. Oh and then there's a little matter of BLUE VELVET showing up near the end of the month. Sup Harvey.

In other good news, we just ordered roast beef from some local shoppie and they put real horseradish on my sandwich, not just horseradish-type sauce. My sinuses are cheering.

EDIT: My coworker Special K. also got horseradish on her sandwich at my insistence, and every now and then I am hearing a surprised "Oh!" pop up from her cube. That's goooood horseradish.

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