It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

The Smells of Spring

One of the nicest things about Spring is the pleasant coincidence that one's sense of smell becomes more acute at the same time the earth wakes up from winter hibernation. I always know spring has arrived when I walk outside and get hit by WALL OF SMELL. Sometimes it's even good smells.

Walking home last night from Davis was the first time this year I noticed the scents. The T station was downwind from Redbones, and I admit that barbecue smell is damn appealing. Walking up College, Redbones was replaced by Golden Light's takeout food smell. I rounded the corner to Hall Ave and got a snootful of fresh earth. Well, the smell of fresh earth, at least. I would have not been as happy the other way.

Everybody on Hall was having dinner at the same time, it seemed, and everybody had their windows open or were outside cooking, because the entire neighborhood smelled great. Curry smells gave way to grilled onions and peppers, which then gave way to some kind of taco seasoning. Finally, I was treated to the yearly Obscene-Smelling Tree smells as I walked up the house steps, and you know, once or twice a year, it ain't all that bad.

And when I got upstairs to my room, there was a stinky cat box to clean! Hooray for acute senses of smell!
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