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The $VIDEOGAME I got the other night was Rockstar's adaptation of THE WARRIORS (and by some strange coincidence the $DVD was also THE WARRIORS) and I've been having fun playing the game a bit. It's loud and full of cursing, even moreso than the Grand Theft Auto series, if'n you can believe it. But what I absolutely freaking love is the following:

1. The NYC subway theme -- mission markers and level numbers are colored circles and diamonds.

2. The "lonely synth" score lifted directly from the movie.

3. Dialogue taken directly from the movie as well. Cyrus' "Can you count, suckers?" speech at the beginning is included. Not all of it, but enough. I also hear later on the big fight scenes are recreated in beautiful detail. I can't wait for the men's room melee.

4. The city setting. Rockstar has always done its homework when creating game environments based on real cities. Sure, each environment is a pastiche of the setting and not a truly faithful recreation, but it's uncanny and it works. Vice City got Miami down right, San Andreas was an amazing combination of LA, the Bay Area and Las Vegas, and while I've only gotten to bum around Coney Island in The Warriors, it's absolutely awesome.

How good is it? Well, at one point I was standing on a rooftop, the Cyclone was to my left and the Wonder Wheel ahead on the right, and I knew exactly where it was my character was supposed to be standing. A lot of Coney signage and architecture is featured in-game, though of course some of the wording has changed -- I think the B&B Carousell sign says "Carnival" instead, and the Kansas Chicken sign says "Turkey" -- but the fact that I recognize them really is the point. And they're not changed to lewd puns like the Grand Theft Auto environments.

And the Wonder Wheel looks absolutely freaking beautiful no matter where you see it from.

5. The DJ in between story missions giving updates. Sadly it's not Lynne Thigpen, for obvious reasons, but a damn fine soundalike. Be lookin good, Warriors, all the way back to Coney. You hear me, babies?

6. The fighting is a fun, active, brawling style with weapons and holds and special moves. You also play as different Warriors depending on the mission, which is awesome as they each have different fighting moves. Cleon's got some damn fine kung fu style sweeping kicks, for example, and Rembrandt's combo involves spraypaint to the face. Sweet.

Some of the game's interface is clever: Tagging (excuse me, "laying burners") involves tracing a W or some other shape with the analog stick. Stealing car radios involves busting a window and then rotating the analog stick counterclockwise rapidly. Why counterclockwise? Because you're removing the screws, of course.

I don't like the camera and some of the controls, but I'm used to GTA on the PC so the PS2 controller has a bit of a learning curve to it. Though some of it is the game's fault -- when I got jumped by the Baseball Furies near the subway, the camera rotated around me and stuck a tree between my eyes and my character. Plus when you focus on an individual opponent, you automatically rotate around them. I can't figure out how to break that focus and run elsewhere when needed. But maybe I'll figure it out.

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