It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

Macy's window display this holiday season is a set of dioramas from A Christmas Story.


Presented, in order, is the Higbee's window with Red Ryder BB Gun in full view (along with the Red Ryder cutout, train set, etc), Flick stuck to the flagpole, neighbors staring at the Old Man arguing about the leg lamp in the window, Ralphie getting kicked down the slide while other kids wait to talk to Santa (with a very Shep-looking father in line... that was the scene with his cameo), the Bumpus hounds ravaging the turkey, and finally the kids asleep upstairs while the Old Man and mom clink eggnog glasses (ok, slightly out of order, but hey.)

I hear it's been done before, but I don't care, because I saw it THIS YEAR!
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