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Ever leave your Sim City or Whatever Tycoon game on overnight to see what carnage would be wrought the next day without your kind, guiding, deity-like hand controlling the action? I left my Sims trailer park running one night, and came back to find that everybody had run off with everybody else's spouses, Buford Jr. was sent to military school, and Cletus, being the last man standing, decided to get 'faced and light off fireworks. He ended up burning the entire place down. Good times.

I say this because I returned to Orkut after who-knows-how-long, as I suddenly had received some contact invites, and I took the time to update the ol' profile (only one cat now, I'm afraid) and check the half-baked message boards which masquerade as communities in Orkut's little land of server crashes and instability. Turns out that the Roller Coaster community I created back when Orkut first started (and still moderate) has grown to over 3800 members. The population of the community now is almost entirely Brazilian, as it is Brazil which has ferverently and unequivocally embraced Orkut and all that it offers or stands for or whatever. Now I know the Brazilians love their roller coasters and theme parks, yes, and anybody who's ever been to Walt Disney World during prime tourist season can attest to this as well. But I didn't think 3800 of 'em would descend, en masse, into my little roller coaster community and turn it into one giant Portuguese-speaking, coaster-loving party bus. But there you have it. And the fact that the community's language is listed as English (something I don't remember actually setting) deters them not from their fun.

I stuck around long enough to make sure there were no overt flame wars or anything uncivil going on (and honestly, how could I tell?) and jetted on back out. I think it's pretty funny, really. As far as I'm concerned, they've made Orkut their social networking party, and they can party all they want in my land o' coasters. It's much more entertaining to read than the usual troll's spittle on RRC, that's for sure.

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