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The Drama Onion

Saw Rent tonight with some Circles folks. We had a great time, the movie was very well done and almost as emotional as a live performance. It does lack that extra emotional intimate punch of watching people put on the performances and knowing that they have to pull this up so many times a day, so many times a week... but still, worth a view.

On the way back home on the T, Bob and Kimber and I found an envelope sitting, discarded, on the seat next to us. "What's in it?" I asked. "Besides anthrax." Bob picked the letter out, read it, started to make faces, and Kimber and I had to find out why. Short of masking the names, I am reproducing the note verbatim under the cut. It is like peeling back the layers of a giant drama onion. It just keeps getting worse as you go along.

Dear Andy,

I never thought we would part this way.

First off Im so sorry and I know you can't forgive or forget. I only wish you could or would, I wish you woudlve told me your feelings for me. It does make me happy that I did share mine with you. Your my heart & soul and I miss you very much. My heart is crying and tears won't stop falling, but I'll have get passed it some day.

I guess it was easy for you and probably worked the way you wan'ted it to, and easy way out.

I just wished you had let me in, as I did you. But when one doesn't know what one feels, you dont know, I guess you feel like you were nothing or meant like you were nothing, as I was feeling.

I guess you thought I could tell, but your so good at hiding, so I didn't see.

I always remember the day, you sad If I have no where to go, I could come here with you, and I said yes, you'd always have a home with me and Shirl.

Shirl misses you alot also, she was so excited when you said you might come bye on Friday. She made you a birthday cake. When you didn't come, she was sad.

I also remember when you said you wanted Javier and I said we could raise him together.

At least I know in my heart, I was always good to you, and to Javier. Sorry for some of the spelling's or sloppiness, as I write this my tears won't stop. Someday I guess they will.

Shirley and I will be moving, MJ will go his own way, I'm taking her dad back court for soul custody and back support and alimony. If the soul custody comes through, we'll be leaving Mass. It's the only way I can get over you. Shirl can come back here if she wan'ts when she finishes high school, and goes on to college.

Funny this is being with her dad for 17 yrs. I never cried or hurt like I do for you. But I guess I just need to go it.

You'll always be my heart & soul. I'll always miss you and love you! And as I said I'll lose your # and never call you. That I'm sure will give you relief and make you happy. We'll lose all contact, Shirl's getting a new cell #, MJ's getting a new one also, and I'll have one myself, so it will be easy which seems to be for you anyway. All contact lost.

But you puzzle me, it didn't take you long to find another, on my part you didn't seem to care, so I never knew your feelings, funny thing is I bought that Red Sox jacket for you 2 x's and had to return it. Kinda funny, but the 2nd one was even nicer.

But like a few said you had it your way, you came for skin and leave, you most likely had someone the whole time, you played me well, I never played you. At least I can live with that.

Well my Andy I love you, miss you, and it's time to say goodbye.

Love you always
Forever my heart
you are! My soul
you are.

I will award the Brass Figligee with Bronze Oak Leaf Palm to the first person who can fully piece the entire saga together and provide a synopsis, including perhaps a timeline, for all.
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