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Well production on CAPTAIN COSMOS VS THE MARTIAN ROBOTS EP 1 has been halted after the first attempt at filming. There seems to be a bug in the program that prevents characters from changing costumes from scene to scene. This means that my attempt to be super cheap and recycle actors has failed, as Captain Cosmos fires his pistol in one shot and then falls over, in the good Captain's uniform, in the next. Once we hire more extras I am sure the next shoot will be no problem. Additionally, I started making movies in Sandbox Mode, which means over 10 mil and instant films and stuff, so it'll be easier to fix things.

Keeping that in mind, I spent five minutes last night producing my first avant garde film. It was thrown together quickly using the Advanced editor, and I didn't bother to actually assign default costumes to the actors so clothing changes from shot to shot. THIS IS PART OF THE ART. DO NOT QUESTION IT. Additionally there is unease, malaise, the worst German ever (translated, without context, directly from Babelfish and transcribed in the shaky hand of one in the throes of a sugar rush) and a trip to the furniture store.

I present to you, then
STURM UND DRANG (Windows Media File, roughly 3 megabytes or so)

...and, as they say, enjoy.
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