It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...


This is so going to be my costume next year.

I suppose it's just as well I didn't know that the Somerville was running an awesome blossom Creature Double Feature last night (Carpenter's HALLOWEEN plus a Hammer Films' DRACULA & HIS EVIL CORPSE UNDEAD BRIDE THING FROM HELL or whatever it was called.) I had too much fun lying down upstairs, perfecting my Rag Doll impression, trying to ignore the ringing doorbell. I went down once... once! with bag of Fun Sized Candy in hand, and of course in the time it took for me to hobble down two flights of stairs the little sugar-crazed fiends had decided they'd waited long enough, and toodled off on their merry way. The downstairs neighbors seemed ready to give candy out; they left the porch light on as an anklebiter invite so I couldn't do the ol' "leave an empty bowl out with a sign reading HAPPY HALLOWEEN, TAKE ONE" trick like I wanted to do should have done.

On the other hand, when I stepped out this morning, I noticed all the pumpkins survived the night intact, so there's still hope for humanity yet.

Status of stomach: PRILOSEC'D. Got a month supply. Take THAT, acid reflux.

Status of back: HURTED. But FLEXERIL'D. Well, I took the Flexeril before bed last night and the entire world was pillowy soft and relaxful. So far sitting for two hours hasn't bothered me very much, though it is annoying and I have to stand up every few minutes just to keep the little helper muscles from spasming. It's happened once so far but I kept my yelps to a minimum. God, that is no fun.

Status of Abbie: Still in the dining room, waiting for the mouse dispenser to make with another one so he can chase it. I'm not sure what he did with the first one, or even the second, but he spent all of Sunday and Monday camped out in the dining room so I guess he's having a good time.

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