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marf update

Martha is at the vet's early; they let Jude bring her in nearly immediately when I called.

Kitty has inflamed liver and is jaundiced. Not good.

More updates soon. My phone is buzzing so I'm about to call back.

UPDATE: Martha has a fatty liver. She probably hasn't been eating for two weeks, though I've seen her regularly go in and out of the kitty corner (so I never noticed anything was amiss, goddammit.) Dr. Ruth at Porter Square theorizes the stress of moving did it to her, and since she didn't eat, her fat reserves went to her liver. Now the liver won't process the toxins as it should. So not only do we have a cat who doesn't want to eat, but a jaundiced kitty as well and when you're covered in black fur, it's kinda hard to see the yellowed skin.

Dr. Ruth does say this is reversible if care is pursued aggressively. This means that Martha needs to go to a 24-hour care facility. She needs a 24-hour IV drip. She needs a feeding tube installed, bloodwork done, and probably some abdominal peering and prodding as well. She needs to stay for several days at minimum.

Martha needs to go to Angell.

Angell is not cheap.

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