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the orson welles award of the day

Okay, okay, I come back home from work and I see what's happened to the post I made earlier about surrealestate, my housemate, and her comments about a certain new housemate and his lack of personal space ideas.

I think this is what is known in the industry as "a backfire."

I knew surrealestate was joking all along, and I think it's one of the funniest things I've read all week, and we've had a few yuks about it over IM this afternoon. So I said I'd play along too and post about it as well, only I went one further and said "I'll phrase it so as to give it the fine sheen of LJ drama" and damned if that wasn't what happened. Her version is funnier, since many of the people on her flist don't know Mr. Abbie El Gato Gordo Grande and thus have no frame of reference about the housemate who sleeps in your bed when you're not at home, sits on your lap when he wants to and watches you take showers. My version seems to add that context by default, and, well.


So I think I better step in with some damage control right quick before things get a bit too out of hand.

So yes, surrealestate was joking, and I was joking too, and yes, Mr. Abbie needs grooming but no, it's not a passive-aggressive snark fest. surrealestate is actually one of the most frank and forthright housemates I've had, who speaks up at the earliest opportunity when she has something to say, and so we're all on the level there. I do believe that Mr. Abbie needs to learn some more social graces, though. And he needs a shave. Maybe someone could drive us to a pet groomy place on Monday.

But I do thank everybody for their words of support, as unnecessary as they might have turned out to be. Next time I'll try to be less dry with the house jokes.

ok, j, I said it, it's posted, would you take bring abbie back from abu dhabi now?
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