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September 3rd, 2005

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10:56 am - ? DID YOU KNOW ?
* Walking the Freedom Trail backwards brings you right back into a life of indentured servitude with no representation. Well, either that or the Boston Public Garden. It's true!

Last night involved beer and steamed frankfurters and bad ketchup bottles and Rover, the happy white sphere hot air balloon on the Common (no, we couldn't ride, because they'd put a ladder in the way) and singing Art Garfunkel at a guy in the Public Gardens who may or may not have been making out with himself on the Swan Boat dock ("No," laurenhat said, "I think he's a doctor and he's performing an examination on that woman, and that's why she's lying down on the bench now") and snitching towels from the Ritz-Carlton bathrooms and having to call violacat to confirm which animals we saw nearby would or would not eat eeka13 (S: "Cockroaches?" V: "...not gonna eat her." S: "Ducks?" V: "Not gonna eat her. The little sparrow thingies, though..." S: "Little sparrow thingies?" e: "AAAH GONNA EAT ME") and friendly junkies and an all-around good time and unless you were one of the people I just lj-namedropped above, you missed it so there.

Anyway. Coolidge Corner is showing Jaws on Monday at 7:30 PM. Sharks must be high on anybody's "AAAH GONNA EAT ME" list. There'll be a cuh-razy beach party-type thing at 6:00 first. We may go ballooning on the Common beforehand, since Rover will be here until Tuesday.

So there.

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Date:September 4th, 2005 05:34 pm (UTC)
Sharks must be high on anybody's "AAAH GONNA EAT ME" list.

You would think that, but they're one of the twenty or so animals eeka actually likes.

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