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more louisiana stuff

We haven't heard from my stepbrother Jeffrey and his family yet. They live in Lafayette, which is a good two-plus hours west of New Orleans and on slightly higher ground (hell, anything above sea level is on "slightly higher ground" than New Orleans) so I'm reasonably sure they haven't been devastated, displaced, or washed out.

Mom's acting as Central Ops down in Florida, and her last email said that she hadn't been able to reach Jeff by cell yet. When we talked on Sunday, Mom mentioned that Jeff was getting ready to hunker down for Yet Another Bad Storm, but he wasn't very worried about its effects inland. So I'm pretty sure not being able to contact him is just a case of cell towers and circuit load and whatnot.

But when you're 1000 miles away and the only points of contact you have are email and a cellphone, well, one tends to worry, doesn't one.

PS: I'd post this on Eschwa but I really don't have the time to deal with armchair FEMA pundits and the incredibly stupid semantic arguments over whether or not "tragedy of epic proportions" is appropriate. Seriously, screw'm.

(EDIT: I have been checking the local Lafayette newspapers online, and it's clear they're not in a panicky state of disaster. Their main local article describes how the hospitals are preparing to take in more New Orleans refugees, so if they're in Triage Mode rather than Panic Mode, conditions are more than likely okay. Not perfect, of course, but okay.)

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